Innovive Group is an innovation and strategy consulting firm with an emphasis on sustainability. Our breakthrough innovation and strategy processes are backed by the mission-critical perspectives and expertise required to help you innovate, manage change and solve complex problems.

We specialize in two key areas — opportunity identification and transformational change — to address the ‘What’ and the ‘How.’ The ‘What’ is about what we do in the world, and our impact the physical systems and environment. Through our proven innovation and strategy process, we will help you innovate and profit from the unique opportunities that lie at the intersection of your strategic business goals and today’s global sustainability challenges. The ‘How’ is about how we operate, communicate and engage — both within the organization, and within society. We will help you transform the interior realms of human awareness and culture, and learn new ways of being and communicating that make a lasting difference.

As an enterprising firm working with leaders and pioneers, we partner with organizations that are ready to take bold steps toward re-inventing the world.

Call on us if you want to do something that you’ve never done before.