Innovive Group’s founders have worked with a wide range of companies and organizations over the years, including Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Nike, The Gap, Microsoft, Rock the Vote, Pearl Jam, the United Nations, Hotels AB, British Petroleum, Chevron, NASA, Jacobs Engineering, The Dr. Phil Show, Gilbane Building Corporation, Cal Dive International, The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, City of San Antonio, Los Angeles County, Caffe Vita, The Ace Hotel, Woolworths, Ltd (South Africa) and AfriSam-Holcim (South Africa). Here are some highlights of our work over the past two years.


Equitable Origin

In 2010 Innovive was engaged by this start-up company that is developing the world’s first voluntary standard for oil production (think “fair trade gasoline”). Innovive was chosen because of our expertise in sustainability, strategy, the oil and gas industry and marketing. Our scope included market strategy and brand identity. We first conducted a landscape analysis of the oil and gas industry, manufacturers, retailers, NGO’s and consumers to identify potential partners to build supply and demand for this certification system. Our research served as the foundation for the language, communications and positioning that would resonate across these diverse stakeholder groups. In collaboration with Tomorrow Partners and Big Think Studios, we are currently nearing completion of the brand identity phase of this project. To learn more about EO’s outstanding work, check out this recent article in Good Magazine.


Natural Logic

In 2009 through 2010 Innovive worked with Natural Logic to design and lead an innovation process for a new US resource recovery and recycling system. Natural Logic’s client was a major US beverage multinational, and Innovive’s role included recruiting a team of twenty subject matter experts and designing and facilitating an innovation charrette, leading the system design initiative and writing a white paper proposing the new system. Innovive was chosen to lead this engagement because of our skill in designing and facilitating breakthrough innovation and ideation sessions, as well as our deep understanding of sustainability and systems theory.

The recently released white paper, Product Stewardship & Extended Producer Responsibility: Towards a Comprehensive Packaging Recycling Strategy for the US can be downloaded from the Natural Logic website. The paper is generating constructive dialogue within the waste management industry, municipalities and CPG companies, and moving a long-stalled recycling conversation forward.


Made in Liberia

Made In Liberia is a unique social venture that is partnering with Liberty & Justice and Fair Trade USA to train women struggling to support their families to become sewing machine operators in the first Fair Trade Certified garment manufacturing facility in Africa. In early 2009, Made In Liberia hired Innovive to develop an innovative training program in partnership with Emily Stanger, a Special Advisor to Liberia’s Minister of Gender, to overcome the substantial social and cultural challenges threatening the viability of operating the factory. Innovive was chosen for this engagement because of our expertise in developing high performance trainings that bridge across cultures, which was needed to align and empower this diverse workforce of Liberian women. Chid Liberty, the founder of Liberty & Justice and Made in Liberia said that Innovive Group’s training solved problems and HR challenges that he was not sure could be solved.