Innovive Group is a network of generalists and specialists who share the common language of Integral Theory. This allows us to collaborate and integrate across multiple disciplines effectively. We come together in flash teams that respond rapidly and flexibly with a breakthrough innovation and strategy process, and the mission-critical perspectives and expertise required to pinpoint the key leverage points for change. We then strategize, design and execute a plan to help you manage change and solve complex problems.

Innovive’s founders bring the complementary skill sets, experience and backgrounds needed to bring about systemic and cultural change:


Lisa Chacón, Ph.D. is a transdisciplinary innovator with over fifteen years of experience in technology R&D and strategy. Her passion is the design and facilitation of participatory processes for innovation, sustainability and transformational change. Lisa has held diverse roles including research scientist, project and functional manager, technology and market analyst, and new business strategist. She has a wealth of experience gained through moving “impossible” blue sky ideas from early stage innovation into research and development, and finally into real-world production. As an inventor, she holds eight patents. She incorporates Integral Theory, The Natural Step, and a suite of social technologies to ignite the collective creativity and generative dialogues that transform understanding and perspectives.

Lisa has worked with Coca-Cola, Starbucks, the City of San Antonio, Los Angeles County, Caffe Vita and The Ace Hotel. In South Africa, she has worked with Woolworths Ltd and AfriSam. She holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley and a master’s in sustainability from Sweden’s Blekinge Technical Institute.


David Butlein, Ph.D. has utilized his background in transformational psychology to catalyze culture change as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. An expert in creating high performance corporate cultures and teams, he is an energizing trainer known for his capacity to galvanize groups to generate breakthrough results. David is an integrally informed business coach adept at giving feedback that spurs personal development. He has developed training curricula, trained thousands of people and run leadership teams designed to solve persistent, complex “unsolvable” problems. David is passionate about supporting businesses as they transition towards sustainability, and he specializes in designing seriously fun games that develop people. He has created learning simulations for Chevron, the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and the University of Texas at Austin. In his spare time, David enjoys highly intense, interval fitness training and inventing transformational games that he tests on unsuspecting friends.

Past clients include multinational corporations and governmental and NGOs including: British Petroleum, Chevron, NASA, Jacobs Engineering, The Dr. Phil Show, Gilbane Building Corporation, Cal Dive International, The Ace Hotel, The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and Sustainable Global Sourcing, the first fair trade textile company on the continent of Africa.


Jared Lovejoy has spent twenty years working at the crossroads of art, music and media, developing a signature style in design, promotion, production and communications. Through the 1990′s he founded a series of companies, including a popular live music venue and nightclub, a record label, and a publishing company. In 1995 he co-founded Neverstop, a creative marketing and production agency, where he led cutting-edge campaigns for a diverse range of clients including Nike, The Gap, Microsoft, Rock the Vote, Pearl Jam and the United Nations. At Neverstop, he pioneered “cultural engineering,” a philosophy of marketing that competitors have been copying ever since. Innovations include stealth vans, pop-up stores, and interactive consumer-oriented installations.

Jared has also been a front-runner in the wellness industry. Partnering with his twin brother, he re-defined the spa experience with Nestspa, a unique in-room hotel spa company. This venture was purchased by Andre Balazs Hotels (Hotels AB) in 2002, and led to the pair taking dual roles as Directors of Spa Development for Hotels AB properties. In 2005, they designed the concept and executed the launch of the Standard Spa Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, which was voted the #1 spa in the Americas & Caribbean by the Condè Nast readers poll in 2009.

Jared’s commitment to sustainable design and living includes his biodynamic farm on Orcas Island, Washington. This ongoing project is a living example of the way his work is infused with equal parts vision and artistic integrity. Jared brings his entrepreneurial spirit and his broad skill set to Innovive’s mission to create personal, cultural, and planetary impact.