We offer a range of services in three core practice areas:

  • Innovation & Strategy for sustainable competitive differentiation, to meet the challenges of today and move your organization into the future
  • Training, Games and Coaching to develop aligned, motivated, high-performance organizations
  • Communication & Experiences to tell the compelling stories of who you are and what you do, through campaigns and initiatives that connect and create culture



We specialize in opportunity identification, assessment and execution of sustainable products, services and business models. We create powerful new frames for people to think from, and utilize processes that stimulate “collective intelligence” and group creativity. We can unleash the collective intelligence of your team for breakthrough strategies, systemic solutions and sustainable outcomes. You can expect to gain experience with cutting edge cognitive frames and principles, system tools, design processes and business models.

We offer custom sessions and retreats where we guide your team in applying perspectives like these to forward your strategic goals:

  • Systems Thinking & Design, Backcasting and Scenario Planning to gain systemic efficiencies
  • Sustainability Principles and Strategies for product, market and process innovation
  • Cognitive frames from Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics and Human Needs theories to think at a higher level
  • Emergent business models for strategic, profitable, relevant new ways of doing business



We design and deliver transformational learning experiences that catalyze change, shift culture, and support people in stepping into new ways of collaborating and communicating. One of our secrets is to make change fun through games that harness competitive drives but require cooperation to win. Our trainings and coaching unleash the true potential of teams and create breakthroughs in their performance and productivity. You can expect to receive tools for turbocharged communication, mastery of principles for collaboration, problem solving with action learning, and unleashing creativity and new ways of interacting.

We offer custom trainings, games and coaching sessions that support:

  • Behavior and organizational change
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Collective intelligence and dialogic practices that redefine communication
  • Action learning and experimentation
  • Leadership development and coaching to catalyze, engage, inspire, motivate and achieve the desired transformation



We are masters at the art of storytelling to engage diverse mindsets and build deep understanding. We utilize a model based on Harvard research to identify the dominant values and worldviews of key stakeholders and groups, and then develop language that will resonate across a diverse values and mindsets. You can expect skillful, impactful communications, presentations and experience design that transforms the listeners and users.

We develop the content and creative brief and then work with your creative team, or bring in one of our partners, to support the implementation and production of things such as:

  • Website, Presentation or Brochure content
  • Event design and production
  • Brand Identity